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From the Origins the Middle Ages first inhabited by the Celts and then by the Romans, who had already occupied the Gaul territory Bardonecchia is mentioned for the first time in a document of the 726 ac . The document was about the new jurisdiction of Bardonecchia given to the nearby Abbey of Novalesa.
After the occupation by the Saracens in the Middle Ages Bardonecchia was contested between the counts of Savoy and Dauphiné of the counts of Albon . Bardonecchia finally became a French feud in March 30th of the 1349 and during the Renaissance was the scene of bloody religious clashes.

700 – 800
opened the 17th of September 1871. Bardonecchia became an important border town, strategically located and well connected to big cities in Italy and France. In few years began to grow, becoming a vacation spot for the elite Piedmont families .

Tourism interest was initially just for the the summer season, only later in the twentieth century people began to speak of winter tourism. In the 1908 was founded the Bardonecchia Ski Club and soon the town became a popular touristic winter resort visited, among others, by the statesman Giovanni Giolitti. After the Second World War, the Valle Stretta was lost and was ceded to France but with the development of transports and the Frejus tunnel Bardonecchia increased the number of hotels and second homes.

Cradle of Italian skiing, in 2006 bardonecchia hosted the Turin Winter Olympic Games .

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