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Thanks to the decision taken by the Piedmont Region of relaunching the tourism sector after Covid-19 and thanks also to the Tourism Consotium of Bardonecchia, you can purchase your summer adventure with a


(available starting from a purchase of min. € 100,00 to max € 300,00)

For more info or booking:



E-Bike Tour + rental

  • 3 hours tour + rental for 1 person € 55,00 instead of € 110,00 – INFO OR BOOKING
  • 3 hours tour + rental for 2 people € 90,00 instead of € 180,00 – INFO OR BOOKING

Downhill accompanied + rental

  • 2 hours accompanied + rental for 1 person € 62,50 instead of € 125,00 – INFO OR BOOKING
  • 3 hours accompanied + rental for 2 people € 100,00 instead of € 200,00 – INFO OR BOOKING


!!! Please note:

The lessons that can be booked with the Voucher Service Promotion are just valid in the hours indicated by the Sports Associations of Bardonecchia.

The “rental” is intended to be bike + helmet, and other material is not included, but can be rented with a surplus of € 10.00 

The voucher can’t be reimbursed, but can be used until the 10th of September 2023 in accordance with the chosen sports association.

Booking has to be done at least 8 days before the chosen date and requests are just accepted through written mail at the address 




ASD Bardonecchia

Scuola Sci Bardonecchia, with its 80 instructors, boasts of a nearly centenary experience and seriousness on Bardonecchia’s ski slopes. It has been the first ski school to be breaded in the Pearl of the Alps. For us, fun and security are naturally positioned at first place. We studied different proposals for skiers and snowboarders on each level and from each age. Our instructors are highly specialized and can guide you in the best ways, with passion and dedication, starting from the first steps on snow and going on through the entire path you’ll decide to walk with us for reaching to your goal. We belong to the POOL Ski Schools Bardonecchia

ASD Nordovest

The italian Ski and Snowboard School NORDOVEST is located in Campo Smith, place where the ski lifts are departing and principal location for all activities on snow in Bardonecchia. The ski school operates on the slopes with a team of about 70 professional instructors of ski, snowboard and telemark. Our instructors are prepared to teach to target of people from all ages, tecnica levels and in 5 languages. They give particular attention to the smallest children, which can start skiing already from the age of 3 years and enjoy as well a welcoming in a dedicated structure, which is set-up for being entertained also before and after the ski lessons. In our offer you’ll find also the option to be introduced into the professional racing ambience with federal instructors. Furthermore we also have instructors for practicing off-slope paths. Part of our skills and offers concern as well the sector specialized in teaching and assisting people with disabilities.

Liberi Tutti ASD

60 ski instructors, 27 federal instructors, 4 snowboard instructors, 1 national instructor. We’re in love with our job. Skiing is our first love, teaching is our passion since 15 years. Learning to ski is a funny way of growing together and creating a pack in the respect of this sport and its rules. We’re ski instructors, trainers and federal instructors. The first thing we want to pass down is the freedom of living the magic of the mountain and ski. We wait for you with our offers. Furthermore, we offer our baby parking Kids Land for the smallest skiers, were you will find many activities on the outside as well as on the inside in front of the slopes, in order to give mum and dad a day on ski without concerns!

ASD Les Arnauds

The Ski Club Les Arnauds is born in 2009 and bears 20 years of experience as well as agonistic and professional passion in the world of skiing. Since 2011 it’s recognised also as Ski and Snowboard School. On top of a team of professional people, you’ll also find a group of dynamic friends who live, teach and, above all, love this sport. Our idea is to instill in our small and big apprentices the passion and the respect for the mountains through the course of the activities connected to it, while fostering the educational and motoric learning, without omitting the playful aspect. We also focus on developing a harmonic coexistence in the group, the capacità of transmitting the respect of the self and of the proper physical and mental capacities.


ZEROQUATTRO Ski & Snowboard School has a staff of professional instructors. Il nostro Staff è composto da Maestri professionisti di Sci e Snowboard. Lezioni di sci e snowboard individuali o di gruppo a seconda delle vostro livello e delle vostre esigenze. Attrezzatura convenzionata nella lezione di snowboard. Attrezzatura convenzionata nella lezione di sci. Avrete a disposizione tutta la conoscenza del vostro Maestro, non soltanto per quello che riguarda la tecnica, ma anche sull’ambiente Alpino che vi circonda.



To check availability, please send an e-Mail to the following:

Consorzio Turismo Bardonecchia
Piazza de Gasperi, 1/A
10052 Bardonecchia
phone: +39 348 649 86 40

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